About Us

Thanks for checking us out for the better part of 11 years , we have filmed
female wrestling , grappling, pin count, and pin videos. Our focus being on fitness , competition and fun. This is not conventional high school wrestling (although some girls have had that experience). This is based from European style pin submission, mixed in with various other forms of wrestling moves, holds and techniques, along with basic jiu jitsu moves and locks.

We also film fun staged(acting out parts) pro style wrestling. Similar to WWE and Glow ,it is fun and full of action.

Our wrestlers come from all walks of life we have worked with published Playboy Models , an ex WWE Diva as well as several published models ,and members of the LFC (Lingerie Fighting Championship), but the majority of our roster are your average everyday woman.

We strive to showcase female strength and power. You can learn a lot more than just wrestling here. Learn about yourself, patience, team work, and how to defend yourself.

If your interested in joining our team Beginners are always welcome.

If you are fit or athletic, adventurous,  looking to make very decent money or just love the thrill of competition then contact us.
No experience necessary , but a passion for sports , athletics , fitness , dance, or possess a competitive spirit always helps but not required a full training is provided.

This is an opportunity to try it out , if you love it like most woman do the opportunity for repeat steady filming exists. A flexible schedule will be helpful.

Its an exciting way to profit from exercising , and yet it never feels like work.

Our shoots are done in a fun safe atmosphere. We have a very extensive wardrobe ranging from spandex, bikini’s, jeans, sport shorts, and bootie shorts.

(training is provided at minimum wage $15/hr)

You will start from the very basics, ground work/pin holds.

This is a contact sport,  Safety is key here.

When it comes time to shoot its $50/per 12 min video clip (ON FILM) not from the time you arrive , we normally shoot 4 clips per shoot for a total of $200 per shoot , more shoots can be arranged or done depending on your or our time frame. For your first initial visit set aside between 1-3 hours, this will include going over forms, questions, watching demos, and training.

All participants information is kept strictly confidential. All models on this site, are professional wrestling models and have signed waivers to be on this particular site. You will not be featured on this site if you choose not to.


contact me for more information . When sending email please provide recent photo and stats, failure to do this will warrant a no response back.