FPP-017 New girl On The Block

FPP-017 New girl On The Block  Here we have 18 year old newcomer Eve taking on Amanda in a jeans pin domination competitive match. Now Amanda is rather intimidating looking due to her muscular build and size, but Eve is up for the challenge. This is the very first time they are competing together and Eve really brings her A-game to the table. Amanda has done quit a few matches previously to this, she has won some and lost a few as well.  When they charge at one another, Amanda can feel the brute strength that Eve has, and is taken back from it. Eve gets the take down and Amanda goes down. In a literal split second, Amanda is pinned to the mats, Eve on top holding her in place. Amanda can’t believe that Eve is so strong, and finds out that her pins are near impossible to escape from. No matter how hard Amanda tries to get away from Eve, she is thrown all over the mats like a rag doll, getting pinned down over and over. Her arms get pinned high above her head and is completely trapped and helpless. There was a time when Amanda escaped, but Eve was so fast she whipped Amanda own to the mats so hard it knocked the wind out of her. Eve was not about to lose, and she went full throttle on Amanda. Eve pinned Amanda so tight to the mats she was sitting on her throat making it hard for her to catch her breath from being whipped all over the place. Needless to say, Eve for her very first ever match, showed Amanda that she was a force to reckon with, and she sat proudly on the losers chest flexing in her first ever victory, in her first ever match!!!. This match is simply amazing.


Rates : 0